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These are the most popular types of coffee on our website

We love coffee, and you? We searched for the most liked coffee beverage by you. This is our conclusion...

Coffee Break

The London-based International Coffee Organization (ICO) shares monthly trade statistics about the world`s coffee export and import.

After examining the organization’s information and estimate we can say that more than 252 thousand tons of coffee was imported to the UK in 2013. If we took the UK population with people over 18 ages into account, this amount would mean more than 5 kilos coffee per capita, and more than 680pcs coffee beverage consumption a year. (Of course, some of coffee only arrives to us for processing and later it will be exported to other countries.)

In terms of this statistics we can state that we love coffee.

In our mini research we sought the answer to the question about which coffee beverage you like the most. Data was collected on our website during February in 2016, and more than 100 participants took part in the mini survey.

Let's see, which coffee drink is the most popular! You will find the ranking of the most loved coffee drinks

favourite coffee beverage

Cappuccino and espresso unsurprisingly lead the competition, and latte landed third. Flat white and piccolo were mentioned in the other category.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part!

In this month we are look for the answer where and how many cups of coffee we consume a day (please check the mini survey on the left side of our webpage)..

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