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How To Make A Perfect Espresso - Part IV: The Hand

20 Mar 2017


We have already discussed a lot of factors concerning how to make a perfect espresso, and now we are in the home stretch.

We have learned how to choose the appropriate coffee blend >
We have examined the important rules of coffee grinding >
We have understood the main features of the coffee machine >


The time has come to combine this knowledge, and try it out step by step:

1st - Choose the right size filter basket according to the number of cups you would like to brew (1 or 2 cup basket). Put the chosen filter into the filter holder and attach it to the group head.


2nd - Turn on your machine and wait for all components to heat up (the boiler, the group head, the portafilter and the filter basket). The constant water temperature is very important during the coffee brewing.


3rd - You can put hot water into the cups to help preheat them. You should use thick-walled cups, because these can keep temperature better.


4th - Remove the portafilter from the group head. Make sure it is dry and clean. If necessary you should use a dry towel to wipe it clean. Put the right amount of fine ground coffee into the basket. A single espresso is made from 7-11 grams coffee, the double is made from 14-22 grams.
Try to distribute the coffee as evenly as you can in the basket.


5th - Tamp the preground coffee. The tamper has to be horizontal and you have to push it with about 15-20 kilograms of force. You did it well if the surface is totally flat. A little twist at the end of the tamping can help you to achieve the perfect result. If some coffee remained on the top edge of the filter basket, you should carefully remove it.


6th - Remove the water from the cups and dry it.

Replace the portafilter to the group head and put the cup(s) under the spout. The hot group head can burn the ground coffee so you should begin the coffee brewing quickly. If you did a good job, a cup of espresso (25-30ml) will be brewed under 25-30 second with mouse tail thin coffee flow and a rich crema will appear at the surface of your coffee. Should this value differ greatly, then a little practice and our previous articles can help you acchieve the right result.


7th - Enjoy your espresso while it’s fresh.


8th - You have to clean your coffee maker after every brewing. The systematic cleaning and maintenance are very important factors, so we will dedicate a separate article for this process. If you are interested, you will be able to read it here soon.


And again, enjoy your coffee...


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