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Machines Packaging Guide


Coffee Machine Packaging Guide


You can also bring your coffee machine to our workshop in person, but if you decide to use a courier servcie please follow the instruction below in order to prevent transit damage.


Coffee Machine Double wall box
  • choose durable cardboard box(double wall box)
  • choose right size carboard box based on your coffee machine size(about twice the size of the coffee maker)



Choose heavy-duty wrapping material
  • choose heavy-duty wrapping materials in several layers
  • your coffee machine must be well cushioned on all sides



Use lots of wrapping material to avoid your machine
  • put your coffee machine in the centre of the cardboard box
  • use lots of wrapping material to avoid your coffee machine from freely moving around in the box
  • wrap loose accessories separately if possible



Put your details in the coffee machine box
  • make sure you put your details in the box to make the identification easier (name, email address or the reference number you received if you filled in our service form online)



Close your coffee machine box carefully
  • close your box carefully
  • use a strong tape that sticks and holds properly
  • mark on the box: "FRAGILE - HANDLE WITH CARE"



Please avoid the followings:

Do not use backpact
  • inadequate packing can easily result damage



Inadequate coffee machine packing can results damage
  • do not use backpack, plastic bags, self made cardboard boxes or other weak packing materials instead of a stable box