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New or Refurbished Coffee Machine?

07 Feb 2017


Probably all of us have already noticed and experienced the dramatically deteriorating quality and life expectancy of most manufactured products. While technology is advancing faster than we can comprehend, humanity tends to use the newly gained knowledge to support the consumer society we live in today.

This tendancy leaves its mark on our everyday life and takes its toll on our pocket and environment.


Buying a new coffee machine today in most cases means to spend a lot of money on a product that will most likely go wrong after the warranty period wears off.

Because of the present mindset of the people, these machines are mainly thrown away and replaced by a new one, generating a vast amount of garbage, that consumes more resources to get rid of than to manufacture.


By deciding to repair or buy an ’older’, second hand machine, you save money and spend less on a machine that is more durable and you can spend more on other meaningful things.
Nevertheless, you also decide against generating about 8 - 20 kilograms of waste.

You might think that’s negligible, but if you take just a fraction of the coffee machine owners who think the same, then you already have thousands of tonnes of waste only from coffee machines.


We offer our experience and knowledge to do our part in changing people’s mind of thinking for both to save them money and to aim for a sustainable, cleaner future on Earth.


New or Used? – Think Again.Think Refurbished. Think Green.


New or refurbished coffee maker