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Closure dates - 2018 Summer

Easter Closure 2017

We will be closed from 2 pm 03/08/2018 till 9 am 13/08/2018.

6th July 2018

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Calculate your coffee machine payback period

Selecting a new coffee machine can be exhausting and complicated process but if you really want to drink a good espresso at home, you can basically choose from 3 different types:

14th October 2016

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Why do we enjoy drinking coffee?

Why do we enjoy drinking coffee

We all know that the coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet. But why is the smell of the coffee so irresistible and tempting us?

16th September 2016

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Drop Off Your Coffee Maker

Coffee machine drop off service

We are happy to announce the launch of our new service for a trial period which provides you with an alternative option for getting your coffee machine to us after our opening hours, and it takes away the worry of using a courier.

23th August 2016

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General Maintenance = Perfect Espesso

General maintenance tasks

General maintenance of your coffee machine is essential as it reduces the possibility of any malfunction. Only a well-working and well-maintained coffee machine can produce a perfect coffee.

8th June 2016

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These are the most popular places where we drink coffee

Coffee plays an important role in our lives. Coffee is very popular for not only its refreshing and beneficial effects, but there are some other reasons which are in favor of coffee consumption.

13th May 2016

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Alternatives to Sugar in your Coffee

Coffee without sugar

Using sugar alternatives in coffee has become very popular in recent years, for a number of reasons.

5th April 2016

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How To Make A Perfect Espresso - Part IV: The Hand

Coffee flow

We have already discussed a lot of factors concerning how to make a perfect espresso, and now we are in the home stretch.

18th March 2016

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These are the most popular types of coffee on our website

Coffee Break

We love coffee, and you? We searched for the most liked coffee beverage by you. This is our conclusion...

29th February 2016

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How To Make A Perfect Espresso - Part III: The Coffee Machine

An appropriate coffee machine

Nowadays making a perfect espresso is a real art.

8th February 2016

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