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Manual Machines


Manual Espresso Machine Maintenance & Cleaning


Regular maintenance prolongs the lifetime of your coffee machine. Here's everything you need to know:


Steam / Frothing

After finished using the steam / frother please cool off the boiler by leaving the water (steam) knob open and pressing the steam button first then the hot water button (on some models you need to close the steam knob and set the machine for hot water and then open the steam knob back) do not switch it off until you see only water emerging from the steam valve.




Descale the machine on regular basis,every 2 months time and use only Gaggia descaler (liquid).

You can buy the Gaggia Descaler (250ml) here >

If your machine is not featured with descaling program, you can follow our guidance how to descale your machine manually here >

NEVER use vinegar or descalers with formic acid.




Please remove and clean the shower disc (it has one screw in the middle) and the shower holding plate behind (it has 2 hex screws) on regular basis.

Do not use a pin to clean the shower disc or the coffee holder basket. Soak them in oven cleaner for 10 minutes then clean them with toothbrush if they are very dirty.



Brita water filter

If you use a Brita water filter cartidge please replace the filter every 2 months to prevent limescale builds up. In this case you only need to descale your coffee maker 1-2 times a year.

You can buy the Brita water filter here >


Installation video:

Switch the machine off after use. Do not leave the machine switched on.




Gaggia Classic Water Softener Installation Guide

You can buy the Water Softener here > 




How to keep your Gaggia pressurized basket clean

In this video we are showing you a simple solution to prolong the lifetime of your pressurized basket by simply rinsing the empty basket through with clear hot water every time you make coffees with it.




Gaggia Missing Crema Filter Pin


In this video we are showing you a very common fault happening if you use the single or double pressurized basket without crema filter pin.



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