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Our Prices

Our coffee machine repair prices are based on an environmental thinking.
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Inspection / Estimate

This includes free examining your coffee machine and giving an estimate for the required repair before any work carried out.
Our estimate does not include the courier back to you. If you decline our estimate you can collect your coffee maker Free of charge.


It is hard to tell how much a coffee machine repair/service costs in advance because it depends on the condition of your machine.

Therefore we categorised all coffee makers which we repair and assigned a Maximum Repair Price to each one of them. Our Coffee Machine Selector Tool below helps you to have a greater view over our pricing.

Coffee Machine Selector

Select the model of your coffee machine to get an expected cost of the repair service. If you don't find the type of your coffee machine, please fill in our contact form on our Contact page, so we can get back to you with pricing and more information.

  • Full Service Price


    What does this price mean?
  • Fixed Maximum Repair Price


    What does this price mean?
  • Same Day Repair


    What does this price mean?

Full Service Prices

This is a general service recommended to be done every 3-4 years

This service includes the followings:

  • - Disassembling the coffee maker into pieces,
  • - Cleaning out the water system
  • - Replacing all major gaskets inside the coffee maker
  • - Lubricating all moving components
  • - Labour

Read more about what we do during a full service on our dedicated page >

The polishing service is not part of the Full service! It costs £60

Fixed Maximum Repair Price

We categorized all domestic coffee makers we repair and assigned a Fixed Maximum Repair Price to each one of them.

This means we prepare your estimate for the repair, which also includes a Full service or Labour at your choice, but you only pay either the amount given in our estimate or the Fixed Maximum Repair Price assigned to the category of your coffee maker, whichever price is lower, as long as the total costs of the parts, needed for the repair, do not exceed the Fixed Maximum Repair Price and parts are still manufactured. Parts prices can be found either on our website on or we provide them in our estimate. Some services and parts are not subject to our Fixed Maximum Repair Price Scheme, such as transit damage, exterior imperfections, missing components, customer suggestions. Please see our full exclusion list in our terms and condition.

Labour cost: £30 / hour*

Same Day Repair

Our same day repair allows you to have your domestic coffee maker (refer to section 4.1) fixed on the same day. The following fees apply additionally to the estimate.
You might wait for the repair which can last up to 4 hours on the same day. If we cannot repair on the same day because part(s) are out of stock, we do not charge for the same day repair fee

Appointment must be made and agreed in an email beforehand.

Estimate is still payable additionally to the same day repair fee.

* Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Labour cost:

  £30 / hour*

Read more about the process of getting your coffee maker repaired here >