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These are the most popular places where we drink coffee

13 May 2016


Where and How often do we drink coffee


Coffee plays an important role in our lives. Coffee is very popular for not only its refreshing and beneficial effects, but there are some other reasons which are in favor of coffee consumption.



What are they?



1st arguement: Coffee is necessary for a good morning

A cup of coffee is the best starter of our day, whether we drink it in our home or in our workplace. It seems we can overcome the everyday challenges more easier, if we have already drank our favourite coffee.


2nd arguement: Coffee is the base of a good conversation

The cafés are a dominant scene of social life, because these are the perfect places to have a talk with friends.


3rd arguement: Coffee is the source of good ideas

The best ideas often come in coffee breaks, because caffeine improves the concentration skills and performance.

The majority of people are having coffee at home and/or at work. We were curious whether this statement is true or false, so we created an extra short survey to investigate its credibility.

We have asked the visitors of our website of where and how often do they drink coffee a day.

The possible answers were the followings:

- at home

- at my workplace

- at coffee shop

- other


We were waiting until 100 participants filled out our mini survey. These 100 people drink more than 440 cups of coffee a day. This means that in average 4 cups of coffee is consumed by a person per day. How many people drink a small amount of coffee and how many people drink a lot of coffee a day?


Coffee per day


Most of the coffee is consumed in our home and at work, finally in the coffee shop. The school was mentioned in the most cases, when the ”Other” option was filled out.


Coffee places


The majority of the 3+ coffee drinker respondents drink this coffee amount at home, however overall the majority drinks at least one cup of coffee in coffee shops a day. The graph below shows the results.


Coffee per places


According to the survey results, we can conclude, that our participants really like coffee, but we kindly ask you to pay attention to the amount of caffeine you consume.  After 2-3 servings of caffeine intake per day, the possibility of drinking decaffeinated coffee is worth considering.


Thank you very much for everyone, who took part in our survey!


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