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Rancilio Silvia Steam Wand

Condition: New
SKU: MRB2C-1-164
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Rancilio Silvia Steam Wand

Please note: This is not a straight fit!

You need to use the mounting nut or clip from your old Gaggia steam arm as that is not provided with this kit! The Provided Rancilio`s mounting clip is not siutable for Gaggia machines!

To fit the mounting nut or clip you need to remove the end bit from the steam wand with an 8 mm spanner, pull off the rubber hand grip and finally replace the Rancilio mounting nut with yours.
Assemble the steam wand and fit it on your Gaggia. Do not tighten the tip of the frother as it will crack!! 1 x 10049063, Rancilio Steam Wand

1 x DM0008/004, Steam wand gasket 

Manufacturer Part Number: 10049063

If you are not sure what part you need please follow our Guide or Contact us here.

Please note we do not accept any kind of liability from incorrectly fitted parts. Wrongly fitted parts void warranty.

If you are not competent to carry out a repair, seek professional help here!

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