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Mr Bean2Cup Coffee - Whole Espresso Beans - 250g

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Manufacturer: Mr Bean2Cup
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Mr Bean2Cup Coffee - Whole Espresso Beans - 250g


We are happy to announce the arrival of our coffee beans, Mr Bean2Cup, in a 250g bag!

This will allow you to use only a small amount of beans at a time!

Mr Bean2Cup Coffee - Whole Espresso Beans - 250g



Our original blend is made from carefully selected coffee beans from all around the world and roasted in the UK.

Coffee Blend Features:

  • bright, hazel colour crema on top
  • rich aroma with chocolate character
  • perfectly balanced taste
  • solid texture

Coffee:  Whole Coffee beans (Please select above)

Quantity: 250g (Please select above)


Please note:

Delivery might take 2-4 working days, if you order by 3 pm Mon-Fri.

Next working day deliveries is not supported with our coffee blend, so please do not choose that otpion in the basket area.


We have made a short video of  what you can expect from our beans.

In the video we used a Gaggia Titanium Plus automatic and a Gaggia Classic manual machine. Both the Titanium and the grinder for the Classic have been set to produce the same quality ground coffee.

The Titanium was set to use about 7,5 grams of ground coffee and the Classic was operating with a 2 cup normal (not pressurized) basket with about 14 grams of coffee.

Enjoy your coffee!




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