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Gaggia Syncrony Logic and Saeco Vienna Boiler Converting Kit

Condition: New
Manufacturers: Gaggia , Saeco , Philips
£93.96 incl vat
No longer manufactured
Availability: No Longer Manufactured.
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Gaggia Syncrony Logic and Saeco Vienna Boiler Converting Kit

This kit includes the latest Boiler "J" which heats up much quicker and more durable than its older versions.

Important note:

With some motherboards the steam function spurts out about 10% more water while steaming!

It contains the following parts:

1x 126838217, Sensor fixing spring
2x 129573202, TCB PH/TT screw 4x8 UNI 8112
1x 288582300, Sensor assembly,
1x 129932202, Round head screw 10.9 M5x20
2x 147756562, Protection for folk spring tube d=4
2x 189428600, Thermostat 175°
1x 126838117, Retaing spring 2 thermostat
1x 145951600, Electric insulating disk Keratherm
1x 282058858, Aluminum boiler ass. with resistance 230V
1x 227876800, Connector ass. tefl on 2x4
2x 149361200, Silcone black tube 7,5x9,3
1x 149197900, Support for aluminum boiler
3x 129932502, Thread forming screw hex head 5X30
1x 227900320, Brass connector for boiler support
2x 129910103, Hi-lo TC screw 3,5x15
8x 140328059, OR 2015 silicone
1x 227872000, Connector ass. tefl on 2x4
1x 9011.132, Spring for pin
1x 127471620, Brass pin for boiler piston
1x 227660103, Piston ass. w/groove
1x 140320459, Or metrico 0080-20 silicone
1x 9011.100, Pin for boiler valve
1x NM01.03, Or orm 0090-20
1x NM01.057, Or orm 0050-20
1x 9011.099, Cursor ins. boiler valve
1x 227874900, Connector ass. Tefl on 2x4
1x 229452100, Compensation and safety valve ass.
1x 140321961, Or 2031

Manufacturer Part Number: 286473558, 996530034068

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