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Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder Black

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Gaggia
SKU: RI8122/60
Availability: No Longer Manufactured.

Gaggia MDF Coffee Grinder Black


MDF Grinder is a Burr Grinder with a compartment which collects the ground coffee. With 36 settings the grinder allows the user to grind coffees fine enough for espresso or coarse enough for Filter and plunger coffees. The Dosing lever allows you to dose the coffee straight into the filter holder.

The GAGGIA MDF coffee grinder hes been created and developed to be used at home or by small comunities, but it is quite similar to a professional grinder in all of its components. It provides grounded coffee from whole coffee beans. The grinding may be always controlled. In addition, it is equiped with an automatic lever dosetor unit that gives you the exact dose to obtain an excellent bar coffee.





  • Make sure that there is an adequated plug and voltage in the place where you intended to use the machine;
  • Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or in event of appliance faults or damages. Replace the power cord only with an originai part;
  • Fill the container with colfee grains. Turn on the swilch. Do never turn the power switch on if the grains container is empty to avold overheating the motor;
  • Choose the grinding size. The machlne is already programmed to give you 34 different grinding sizes. The higher number corresponds to a thicker grinding. Normally we suggest pulling the grinder between numbers 2 and 10 to obtain an Italian style coffee;
  • To eslablish the correct grinding for the first time, we recommend to grind 10/20 grams of coffee and to examinate the grinding size.
  • Make a coffee and watch carefully if the coffee is coming out too fast or too slow:
  • Too fast: indicates that the ground coffee is too thick and the beverage will become weak and thin
  • Too slow: indicates that the ground coffee is too fine and the coffee will result thick and strong
  • Regular: indicates the correct grinding and you’ll have a very tasty and aromatique coffee
  • It’s very important to say that each kind of coffee needs a particular grinding, since not all the blends are composed of the same quality of coffee, and also because the roasting may be dilferent from one producer to anolher. It will be up to you to determine the best posltion.




If you are not sure what part you need please follow our Guide or Contact us here.

Please note we do not accept any kind of liability from incorrectly fitted parts. Wrongly fitted parts void warranty.

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