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Gaggia Cadorna PLUS Black Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Gaggia
SKU: RI9601/01
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Gaggia Cadorna PLUS Black Bean to Cup Coffee Machine





Condition: new

Just press a button and in a few seconds you’ll have coffee as good as a bar espresso, ready to savor. A “tailor-made” coffee because you choose the grind, shot length and body according to your taste.







Any coffee for any moment

  • Enjoy 6 beverages at one-touch
  • Delicious milk froth thanks to the classic milk frother
  • Adjust the length, 5 aroma strength and 5 grinder settings
  • Adjust and store your personal user profile – avaible 4 profiles


Every coffee crafted to perfection

  • Extract maximum flavor with the 100% ceramic grinders
  • Hot coffee from the first cup with the quick heat boiler
  • Adjust your coffee spout to fit any cup


Attentive and anticipating at your command

  • Up to 5000 cups* without descaling with AquaClean filter
  • Smartly designed to fit any kitchen countertop
  • Enjoy a great coffee with Auto-Rinse & guided descaling



Highlights & Features


Customize your coffees

Discover the 6 beverages available, all at your fingertips and try the ultimate barista experience at home: RISTRETTO, ESPRESSO, COFFEE, ESPRESSO LUNGO, AMERICANO, HOT WATER

Brand new user interface

High technology made simpler thanks to a wide screen to have all settings at a glance. Tailored around your needs, easy, intuitive and fully detailed, it guides you through personalization, brewing and cleaning functions.

Ceramic grinders

The robust 100% ceramic grinders guarantee a moment of pure coffee indulgence for years to come. The ceramic material creates the ideal grind, which allows the water to flow through steadily, extracting the purest essence of the beans. And unlike other 'regular' grinders', the ceramic material prevents the coffee from overheating and tasting burnt.

Auto-Rinse & Guided descaling

This espresso machine automatically cleans its coffee circuit with water upon starting up or switching off of the machine, this delivers a great, fresh taste with each cup of coffee.Regular descaling prolongs your espresso machine’s life. This machine will prompt when descaling is needed. It will guide you with onscreen messages what you have to do and when.

Quick heat boiler

The Quick heat boiler ensures a hot coffee and cappuccino for you family from the first cup, in no time. The secret is in its light aluminum and stainless steel body, which can reach hot temperatures, fast.

Personal user profile

4 different user profiles to memorize all beverages, personalised as you prefer. At every next use, you’ll easily find them just as you programmed.Store the length of any coffee and milk beverage according to your personal taste. You will be able to drink espresso, coffee and all other beverages always as you prefer, at the touch of a button. Front loading for easy access Your super-automatic espresso machine is effortless to use thanks to the frontal loading of the water tank and the dump box.


This feature gives you the unique possibility to adjust the aroma intensity and create tailored coffee-based drinks by choosing the quantity of ground coffee per cup among 5 selections.

Adjustable coffee spout

The adjustable spout on our espresso machines will fit every cup and thus prevents the coffee splashing or cooling down while pouring in your cup. This way your espresso is always served at the right temperature while maintaining a clean machine.

6 beverages at one-touch

Enjoy your favourite drinks for your special moments. Whether you crave for an espresso, a coffee or a milk based recipe, your Super-automatic machine delivers a perfect in-cup result with no hassle and in no time!


Unique body and taste for every espresso thanks to the pre-brewing that implies few seconds of pause between the first shower of hot water and the actual brewing.

Removable brewing group

The brewing group is the heart of every superautomatic coffee machine, and should be cleaned regularly. The fully removable brewing group allows you to clean it thoroughly just by rinsing it under the tap.

Ground coffee option

In addition to the coffee beans option, an easy solution to brew different ground coffee blends, included decaffeinated.




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