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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Browse through these Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to commonly raised questions regarding our repair service & online store.




My coffee maker is faulty! What are my options?


If it is a simple fault or you are not technical minded you can use our Troubleshooting tool or you can also fill in our Contact Form 

These services are FREE so please do not hesitate to use any of them!



There are faults which are beyond the goodwill of our effort to sort your coffee maker out remotely. In this case we must inspect your coffee maker to find the fault.



How am I getting my machine done with you?

First of all, you need to fill in our service form online below:

Service Form is available here >


Make sure you will choose the appropriate delivery method ('in person' or 'by third party courier').

After submitting our service form online we will send you an automated email with your reference number in about 10 minutes time which will look like this: MB123456.

Follow the instruction in the automated email.



How Am I getting my coffee maker to you?


You have 2 options as follows:

1) In Person

Bring your coffee maker to us in our opening hours.

Mr Bean2Cup Webshop Ltd

150B Greenford Road
Harrow, London
United Kingdom

Access from Rosebank Avenue


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Closed on all Bank Holidays

Please check on the website if we have a 'closure notice' showing. Otherwise the above opening hours apply.


2) By third party courier

Pack your coffee maker carefully according to our Packaging Guide. Write your reference number on the box. Book and pay for your courier. We would recommend using UPS, Parcelforce, TNT on




How long does it take to repair?

We aim to repair your coffee maker within 5 working days after receiving it from you. 

We normally email you our estimate in about 3-4 wroking days.




How much does it cost to repair?

If your coffee maker has not been fully serviced in the last 3 years time or we find the gaskets and the inside of your coffee machine in a state of needing a full service, we include this automatically in our estimate.

We have designed our pricing method fairly and  more predictable for you.
We categorized all domestic coffee makers we repair and assigned a fixed maximum repair price to each one of them. See price list here.

This means we prepare your estimate for the repair and if it is more than the fixed maximum repair price we reduce the price back so you pay less. If the estimate is lower than the  fixed maximum repair price than you pay the lower quoted price as long as the total costs of the parts do not exceed the fixed repair price and parts are still manufactured. Parts prices can be found either on our website on this website or we provide them in our estimate. Some services and parts are not subject to our fixed price scheme, such as transit damage, exterior imperfections, missing components, customer suggestions. Please see our full exclusion list in our terms and condition.

Our estimate does not include the courier back to you. See below for more information.



Does your work come with any warranty?

Yes, it does. We provide a 12 months Return to base warranty on the spare parts and labour we repaired or replaced. This means you need to bear the csot of returning the machine to us but we replace the part(s), which we have fitted previously but it became faulty again, free of charge.

Please note!
No warranty on Commercial coffee makers or any domestic machine used commercially or in an office!



How do I pay?

At the moment we only accept bank trasnfers. Thank you for understanding!



Ho Do I get my machine back?

We pack your coffee maker for you and you need to book and pay for a courier. You migth use You need to email us the shipping label




Online Shop


Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide. Let us know if you can`t find your country on our website!



Where are you based?

We are based in the United Kingdom.

Our Address as follows

Mr Bean2Cup Webshop Ltd

150B Greenford Road
Harrow, London
United Kingdom
Access from Rosebank avenue



Can I collect an item from your shop?

Yes, you can! However you need to place an order on our website and Choose a 'Click and Collect' as a delivery method,

Please note brand new coffee makers are not available to collect from our workshop.