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Frequently Asked Coffee Machine Repair Service Questions

  1. What is the coffee machine full service? What does it involve?

    The full service is a major maintenance procedure which involves taking the machine fully apart, inspecting all elements, looking for excessive deterioration and malfunction, cleaning out the water system, replacing worn out, broken parts and all major gaskets and finally lubricating all moving components. Read more information here

  2. How often should the coffee machine receive a full service?

    It is very important to carry out a full service on all kind of domestic coffee makers every 3-4 years time.

  3. How much does a coffee machine full service cost?

    It costs from £60 to £250, depending on the coffee maker. Click here for our Full Price list.

  4. Does the full service include any part replacement?

    No, it does not. It only includes gaskets and grease. All other parts would be quoted along with the full service after inspection. However no extra labour will be charged!

  5. Does the full service include labour?

    Yes, it does include all labour cost, even the labour cost of replacing any additional parts.

  6. Is there any warranty on the coffee machine repairs?

    Yes. Our work comes with 12 months labour and parts warranty on all domestic machine. This basic standard warranty does not cover any additional parts, which we did not repair, replace or service, it only covers the items shown on the invoice, even if any of other part(s) go wrong in the 12 moths warranty time.

  7. What parts are used as part of the coffee machine repair/service procedure?

    We only use Brand new Genuine Gaggia, Saeco and Jura spare parts if we need to replace one.

  8. Do you open on Saturdays?

    No, we are closed.

  9. Do you repair commercial coffee machines?

    No, we do not repair manual commercial machines, such as Gaggia XD, GD etc but we do light commercial ones such as Saeco Aulika, Saeco Royal.

  10. Who arranges the courier?

    Customer must arrange their courier both ways to and from our workshop.

  11. How do I get my coffee maker to us?

    You have 3 options as follows, Please do not forget to fill in our service form online and choose the relevant "delivery method":

    1, "in person"
    You can bring your coffee maker to our workshop personally in our opening hours.

    2, "By third party courier"
    You can book a third party courier on who will collect your coffee maker from a chosen address on a given date by you.
    Make sure you pack your coffee maker with care accordingly to our packing guide.

    3, Dropping off to our neighbour shop
    You can drop off and collect from our neighbour shop as below:
    Metro Food and Wine shop
    150 Greenford road, 
    HA1 3QP

    Their Opening hours
    Monday to Sunday 6:30am - 11pm