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Kitchen appliances – which have stainless steel surfaces - lose their “showroom” appearance easily as years pass by. Cleaning these surfaces with a window cleaner frequently and immediately after acid contamination during the descaling process can help to keep them shiny and also prevent rust and stains appearing on them.

Once they appeared, it is hard to get rid of them.

Our polishing service helps to give back the optimal shininess of your coffee machine by removing (or minimizing) stains without any harmful intervention.

This service is not part of our full service package! It is available on request at the cost of £60.

Before - After Pictures of Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine

Before - Gaggia Classic Polishing ServiceAfter - Gaggia Classic Polishing serviceBefore- Gaggia Classic Polish ServiceAfter- Gaggia Classic Polish Service

Before - After Pictures of Saeco Aroma Coffee Machine

Before - Saeco Aroma Polishing ServiceAfter - Saeco Aroma Polishing serviceBefore- Saeco Aroma Polish ServiceAfter- Saeco Aroma Polish Service