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Coffee Machine Repair Services

We understand how frustrated a broken coffee machine can be, especially if it is part of your everyday life. Some issues can be sorted fairly quickly and others might be more technical or even way too complicated when the need of a professional is inevitable.

Therefore we have divided our way of help into 3 categories:

1. Fairly quick solutions

If it is a simple fault or you are not technical minded you can use our Troubleshooting tool or you can also fill in our Contact Form or just simply give us a call.

These services are FREE so please do not hesitate to use any of them!

2. More advanced faults

It can also be sorted by yourself with a bit of professional help. However you need to consider yourself technical minded and have basic tools such pliers, screwdrivers (Philips, flat, torx) Allen keys, multimeter etc, and the knowledge of basic understanding and use of a multimeter, current etc.

Our Expert Answer is designed to help you with custom tailored answers from our technicians who repair coffee maker on daily basis.

This service is also FREE so there is no excuse not to try it!

3. Repair by us

Unfortunately there are faults which are beyond the goodwill of our effort to sort your coffee maker out remotely. In this case we must inspect your coffee maker to find the fault.

How does our repair service work?

To have your coffee maker inspected and have an official estimate please follow our guide below.

fill in our repair service form

1. Fill in our Service Form

Service Form is available here >

Make sure you will choose the appropriate delivery method (“in person”, “by third party courier”, “dropping off to our neighbouring shop”).

check email

2. Check your mail box and spam folder

After submitting our service form online we will send you an automated email with your reference number in about 10 minutes time which will look like this MB123456.

Follow the instruction in the automated email.

get your coffee machine to us

3. Get your coffee maker to us

You can delivery your coffee maker to us by one of the 3 options below. At the moment we do not provide "call outs"

  • In person
  • By third party courier
  • Dropping off to our neighbouring shop

Bring your coffee maker to us in our opening hours.

Mr Bean2Cup Webshop Ltd
150B Greenford Road
Harrow, London
United Kingdom
Access from Rosebank Avenue

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Closed on all Bank Holidays

Pack your coffee maker carefully according to our Packaging Guide. Write your reference number on the box. Book and pay for your courier. We would recommend using UPS, Parcelforce, TNT on

If you cannot make it in our opening hours or do not want to use a courier you can drop off and collect your coffee maker from our neighbouring shop.

Simple steps of dropping off to our neighbouring shop

  1. Fill in our service form and choose "dropping off to our neighbouring shop" as a delivery method
  2. Print out 2 copies of our paper work which we email you in an automated email
  3. Take your coffee maker to
    Metro Food and Wine shop
    150 Greenford road,
    HA1 3QP,
    Their Opening hours
    Monday to Sunday 6:30am - 11pm
  4. Have both paper works signed and keep one copy.
  5. You can also collect from them once we repaired your coffee maker.
    You just need to book a date with us with a 2 days delivery window and pay in advance by bank transfer.
    Under any circumstances you cannot settle any payment with them, including deposit, paying an invoice.
    In an event of failing to comply with these mentioned above, we cannot be held responsible for.
how long does it take

4. How long does it take to repair?

Within 3-4 working days after receiving your coffee maker, we carry out an inspection and provide you with our estimate.
If you decline our estimate you can collect your coffee maker Free of charge.

If you accept our estimate we repair in 1-2 working days which makes the usual turnaround time 5 working days.

how much does it cost

5. How much does it cost to repair?

Our inspection and estimate are free so you just need get your coffee maker to our workshop so we can tell what is wrong with it and how much it costs to repair.

If your coffee maker has not been fully serviced in the last 3 years time or we find the gaskets and the inside of your coffee machine in a state of needing a full service, we include this automatically in our estimate.

Costs and Benefits of having your coffee maker repaired by our Fixed Repair Price Scheme

We redesigned our pricing method which means a fairer and more predictable outcome for you.
We categorized all domestic coffee makers we repair and assigned a fixed maximum repair price to each one of them. See price list here.

This means we prepare your estimate for the repair but you only pay either the estimate or the fixed repair price assigned to the category of your coffee maker, whichever price is lower, as long as the total costs of the parts do not exceed the fixed repair price and parts are still manufactured. Parts prices can be found either on our website on or we provide them in our estimate. Some services and parts are not subject to our fixed price scheme, such as transit damage, exterior imperfections, missing components, customer suggestions. Please see our full exclusion list in our terms and condition.

Our estimate does not include the courier back to you. See below for more information.

repair service warranty

6. Our warranty scheme


12 months spare parts and labour Return to base warranty for Domestic coffee makers or any domestic coffee machine

Please note!
No warranty on Commercial coffee makers or any domestic machine used commercially.


7. Payment

We accept the following payments only.

Customers who uses a third party courier: Bank transfer, We email you a proforma invoice with our bank details

Customers who deliver their machines in person can pay by cash, bank transfer, debit card.

Customers who collect from our neighbour shop pays in advance by a bank transfer.

getting your coffee machine back

8. Getting your coffee maker back

When the service / repair is finished and paid, you need to choose from the following options:

1. We courier the machine back to you for your peace of mind.
Transport fees
Manual machines: £19.99 (incl. VAT)
Bean to cup machine: £19.99 (incl VAT)

2. You collect your machine personally from our workshop.

Our quotation does not include delivery back to you.

Same day repair

9. Same day repair

Our same day repair allows you to have your domestic coffee maker fixed on the same day.

You might wait for the repair which can last up to 4 hours on the same day. If we cannot repair on the same day because part(s) are out of stock, we do not charge for the same day repair fee.

Appointment must be made and agreed in an email beforehand.

Estimate is still payable additionally to the same day repair fee.


10. Testimonials

Please check out what our customers say about us and feel free to leave your own feedback too.