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From January 2016 we have been working hard on our Green Project to become a fully Eco-friendly company by reducing our CO2 emission to zero, reorganising our waste management to produce renewable energy and bio fertiliser and recycling everything possible.

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We have also introduced a new business model which endeavours to reduce Your carbon footprint too while still focusing on your main worry, the cost effectiveness of having your coffee maker repaired against buying a new machine.

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Your decision has a huge impact on the environment as solely in the UK we produce 2 million tonnes of rubbish from electronic wastes including products with plugs or batteries.

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An era has ended. To be environmentally conscious is no longer optional for the sustainable future which we all want to be ahead of us.

Join us on our mission and take part of the change for a better future by using one of our services when it comes to coffee.

Do not forget! Every little step counts…

In December 2015 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris a global climate deal has been agreed by UN members to reduce greenhouse emissions and to keep global temperature increase well below 2.0C (3.6F).
We have hailed this agreement and dedicated our self to contribute towards the deal and help our country to reach its goals on tackling global warming.

Since January 2016 we have completely turned everything upside down to reach our goal on being a fully eco-friendly company.
Let`s see the new face of Mr Bean2Cup and what we have implemented newly.

First of all we have reduced our CO2 emission to zero.

How did we do that?

We have signed up for a carbon offsetting scheme with a company called Carbon Solutions Global Ltd. They have carefully assessed our greenhouse emissions related to every aspect of our business activity (carbon footprint) to measure the extent of carbon offset we need to make towards the environment. As part of the project they plant Oxytrees on behalf of us which compensate against our carbon footprint.
They harvest, sell our tress and share their profit with us which we are going to put towards supporting other renewable energy source in over the years.

zero co2

What is Oxytree?

Oxytree (Paulownia Clon in Vitro 112 ) is a 10 time more rapidly growing tree than its native tree species with extraordinary features. It is also officially registered in the EU.
During its growth it absorbs large amount of carbon dioxide and produces huge amount of oxygen.

It provides high calorific value firewood and 4 four times more quality industrial timber than any other native tree species in their lifespan. This is just few of many benefits of the Oxytree. To find out more please watch the video below.

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We have also reorganised our waste management by carefully separating one from the other.

First of all our daily rubbish gets recycled in an eco-friendly way.
The used, broken parts, we replace, and the economically unrepairable coffee makers are stripped down, disassembled to certain recyclable materials such as plastic, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, iron which we recyle.

As the result of testing your coffee maker we produce lots of waste coffee which is now used for renewable energy and fertiliser.

How is that possible?

Organic matter such as food waste can be broken down in sealed oxygen free tanks to produce biogas and bio fertiliser. This process called anaerobic digestion.
Biogas is used as a fuel in a combined heat and power unit to generate electricity and heat.

Our new business model also focuses on the environment and you by offering a wide range and variety of support and services which intend to increase the lifetime of your coffee maker and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

In the future we will invest more in renewable energy and ways of reducing waste.